Buggy Beggars

As my dear Momma says, If you don't ask, you don't get! In the States, Ladybirds are known as Ladybugs. People who hang uninvited around stars like Madonna are known as stalkers. Anyway I digress. Here's a selected list of my swap list.

Ideally I'm keen to swap for other titles but here's the good news: give me a good reason why I should give you a title (titles) e.g. it's to complete a set, sentimental reason, it's for my grandchild... etc. If I buy the beg you pay me p&p (min. 1 or book of four 2nd class stamps). The more creative and entertaining the better and I'll display them on my site (perhaps).

Many later titles are also available - I also have other earlier titles to swap, but only for premium wants - just ask.

I was stopped in my tracks by the creative yet plaintive plea received from Chris:

"Trains" I had while still a lad,
"Lorries" too, bought by my dad.
"Planes" - I'm sure I got it new,
and "Merchant Ships"? I don't know who
bought me that.

As for "Flags" - found secondhand
But must I search this blessed land
for a Ladybird called "Motor Cars" -
Or have they sent them all to Mars?
Perhaps not.

On your swaps list do I see
Series 584? Yippee!
Oh please, what must I do to get
The "Recognition" full set?
Answers, please!

A copy of Cars Recognition (1972) will be winging its way down to Chris.

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