Car Boot Meditations
chapter 7

These last few weeks have been a disappointment in CB terms. Rained off one week and found nothing the next.  I have also noted, much to my chagrin, that others have fared better.So I have been forced to ponder the esoteric and regard the perceived disappointments as part of a positive learning experience. I have been taking lessons from my  experienced companion soujourner.

I tried exercise one - leave a card with seller who trades in books. Heyho, I remember picking up a Discovering Scotland at his stall. I was virtually met with a stony stare by book man, as I started to say Children's... I say virtually because 'met' sounds too head on friendly. I was rather the recipient of an 'incredulous' right angle glare -but you get the general picture. Consequently I now have soggy paper bits in my pocket with sadly fractured cutesy ladybird motifs on them. Moral: do not attempt to introduce nice kiddies books to heavyweight collection of Red Clydeside memoirs, republican rebel songbooks and leftfield gaelic diatribes. I believe it's called niche marketing.

Lesson 2. Observation. I am fascinated by CB economics, and have subsequently drawn up my own terms to describe the unique currency distribution operation practised at CBs.

It's a jungle out there!

Last Sunday I suffered from post elation torpor. It was expected after having such successful finds that luck was on the wane. The previous night I had gone to see Annie (a musical) so my sleep had been periodically disturbed with an inner screeching of tomorrow, tomorrow! By nine o'clock I could stand it no more. I forced the duvet off my face and headed for CB2 Not such a bad decision after all, I chuckled to myself, on purchasing a dozen early KW titles in good condition for 10p a throw. I also succumbed to a selection of picture sleeve 45s. Recovering my elation I bounced home grateful that we still owned a turntable and all set to impress my optimistically challenged soul-mate with a rendering of early Stones on a 6 track EP circa 66. A young Jagger looking wistfully out through his fringe from the shiney cover - all for 30p!! Yep, you're right it was too good to be true; some one had replaced it with an Isley Brothers single. No Cocky, no Little Red Rooster. At all.  

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