Car Boot Meditations
chapter 8

Sometimes it is better to succumb to instinct rather than outragous greed and covetness, but if this advice was adhered to, I doubt CBs would maintain their captive audience.

And so it is I find myself once more part of an ever-expanding order who eschew normal sleep patterns, marital harmony and common-sense for the dubious delights of being in there first; raking about some stranger's rejects and paying for the privilege.

Needless to say I didn't have a very successful pillage today.

The disadvantage of living in a small town is that, sooner rather than later, one can exhaust a stock. I reckon I'm my own worst enemy here. Things got so out of hand that I considered buying up Barbie dolls - they were everywhere today, in sports cars, Caravanettes, Speedboats, Wedding dresses... In fact if I was a young man in the fashion industry I'd have been happy and gay today. As for my beloved LBs, hardly a morsel - a couple of late reference and table books and... well that's it really. Will I return? Well you'll just have to watch this space but perhaps it's time to stretch my wings to green pastures anew.

Cocky I'm still looking for yer, mate.

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