Spotted net

Down comfy crescents and leafy avenues, amidst the spiritual squalor of suburbia awash with mediocre hedonism; lace curtains twitch, metaphorical or otherwise. The postman on his NW reconnaissance notes the regular jiffy bag delivery.

Across at no.10 they observe early Sunday outings, full plastic bags with dubious retailing connections are taken in. It is part of a rising obsession that can take its grip on anyone foolish enough to be ensnared in its net. One succumbs as the Black Polka dots dance before ones eyes... another is spotted and yet another...

You have entered the Spotted net.


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Car Boot Meditations

Shock horror! My mother is an L.B. Addict!!


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Great Scott!

The Cinderella Syndrome

Ladybird and the Great TV Tie-In

Buggy Beggars!

Encyclopaedia of Ladybird (in progress!)

Self-referentiality in Ladybird

Visual pleasures:

The Ladybird Adventurers and the Eagle

Frank Hampson: How the Creator of Dan Dare is a Ladybird Legend in his own right

Wag a pencil Charley

George Cansdale

Helping at Home


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Last updated: 1st July 2001

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