Self-referentiality in Ladybird
or A Bluffer's Guide to LB

Want to know what Vera Southgate - prolific author of numerous well loved tales - looked like? How a Ladybird book is printed or how many languages they were published in?

The answers to these and other questions are easily obtained in other Ladybird titles. As I have already mentioned, the two Learnabout titles Drawing and Painting, both by Kathie Layfield, give some insider information on the working practises of some Ladybird illustrators.

There are but a mere handful in this particular selection to add to this list of self reference (not including illustrations found in several titles which depict other titles, this has already featured in the Ladybird magazine). These are:
Loughborough Past and Present ideal for a potted history of Ladybird and containing some wonderful photographs of related material.
The two versions of How it Works: Printing Processes both covering, quite differently, the technical aspects of producing a Ladybird book;
Teaching Reading in the KW series which provides images of Vera, as well as describing in some detail the principal of KWs work.

A few more clues to authors can be garnered by occasional fly leaf notes and the existence of a Ladybird Club is discovered in the back page of You must be joking - anybody out there a member?

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