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(Note - the price shown is the original price!)

Learnabout series 634
Stamp Collecting fair (ex lib) 30p
Riding -very good  late priced
Cooking fair (ex lib) 24p
Chess fair 60p
Making and Decorating Cakes  fair (ex lib) late unpriced
Easy meals fair (ex lib) late unpriced
Football  poor/fair 60p

How to do it series 731
Woodwork fair (ex lib) 15p
Metalwork fair (ex lib) 15p

How to make 633 (revised ed)
Things for fun good 50p
How to make presents fair 40p
Wooden Toys fair (ex lib)

Hobbies  633
Indoor gardening  good  2/6 rev.15p
Stamp Collecting fair 24p
Tricks and Magic Good Tally 290 W&H
Swim and Dive fair  Tally 370
Knitting fair Tally 320
Car Games fair (ex lib) 30p

Series 601 -Achievements
Flight poor buff
Great Inventions fair 24p
Railways good W&H 170
Motor Car good W&H 150
Houses and Homes good DJ
Clothes & Costumes fair (ex lib) 330
Churches and Cathedrals Excellent DJ
Exploring Space fair  40p
Oil fair W&H 300
Lighthouses... Fair W&H 200
Medicine fair/good 350
Time, Calendars and Clocks fair 320
Canals good 50p

536 Nature series
British Birds poor buff
Wild Flowers good DJ
Winter goodW&H 190
Garden flowers good W&H 190
Spring Good DJ
Pond Life good 340
Your Bodygood W&H190
Sea and Estuary Birds fairW&H 190

587 flight Series
Australia  fair/good DJ
Canada  fair/good DJ
USA good DJ
Africa good DJ
holy Land good DJ

History 561
Alfred the Great FairW&H 170
Charles 2nd good DJ
Stone Age Man fair W&H 300
Samual Pepys fair (ex lib) 350
Kings and Queens 2 (rev.ed) good 50p

Beano & Dandy Collection
Desperate Dan Diamod Disaster  VG £1.50
Desperate Dan and the Cactusman VG £1.50

606A Bible
Saints fair W&H150
Baby Jesus fair 70p

522 Bible Stories Series
Little Lord Jesus poor buff
Naaman good W&H 160
Peter the Fisherman fair 340

649 Bible History series
Animals and Plants of the Bible poor buff
Life in the New Testament good 360

Conservation 727
Disappearing mammals  poor 320
What on Earth are we Doing? Fair (Exlib) 24p
Nature's Roudabout fair (exlib)

Animals of the world 691
North American Mammals fair (ex lib) 320

651 Natural History
Animals fair 24p
Birds poor/fairW&H 150
Insects fair (ex Lib) 330
Prehistoric Animals fair 24p

861 Discovering
Vikings good first ed.
Tower of London V.Good £1.30

Loughborough Mint copy

621 Junior Science
Magnets, Bulbs and Batteries fair/good W&H 230
Levers. fair/good W&H 140

How it Works 654
Television good W&H 200
Computor v. good 350
Telephone poor W&H 300

Puddle Lane

Stage 1
1 fair first ed.*
2 good first ed.*
4 good first ed.*
5 good first ed.*

Stage 2
1 good first ed. *
7 good first ed.*
16 fair first ed.*

4 fair first ed.*
10 fair first ed.*

Series 563 learning to read
The Zoo poor W&H 280*

sounds and pictures book1 poor (Ex lib) 24p*
10b (E.V.) poor (Ex lib) 2/6*
11a (E.V.) poor 2/6/12.5p*

606b people at work
The policeman poor W&H 200*
The builder poor/fair W&H 140*
The Sailer poor/fair W&H 200*
The Customs officer good W&H 300*

740 Literature
Gullivers travels fair 24p*

678 Maths
Addition (Sh) first ed. 1982*
Subtraction first ed. fair good 60p*

Poetry 831
Favourite Poems good first ed.*

Series 584 recognition
Cars good/fair W&H 300*

Safety 819
Home safty fair first ed.*

8818 Christmas
The Christmas story (Sh) good first ed.*

Series 865
Glocricket good first ed. (Sh)*
Globug first ed. poor (Sh)*

Series 702
Memory Rhymes  poor 24p*

Royal wedding (Chas n Di) first ed. (Sh) good*
HRH Prince Charles first ed. (Sh) good*

Lego series 877
Edward gets the hipcups (Sh) good first ed.*
Edward joins the band (Sh) first ed.*

Lego 904 (Pirates)
Will and the gold chase (Sh) good first ed*

Dinos 1 (Sh) good 99p*
Dinos2 (Rev.)  2 (Sh) good 1.50 *

Big hug
The jungle house (Sh)good  first ed. *
It's dark (Sh) fair first ed.*

Series 896 Rupert
Paper mystery (Sh) good first ed.*

Book of the film
Rupert and the frog song good first ed. (Sh.)*
Ghostbusters 2 first ed. good (Sh)*

You must be joking! first ed. fair (Sh)*
Jokes Jokes Jokes first ed good (Sh)*

Beatrix Potter
Jemina Puddleduck first ed. (Sh) good*
Peter Rabbit (Sh) first ed. good*
Benjamin bunny (Sh) First ed. good*
Tom Kitten (Sh) good*

Lady bird leaders Series 737
Ducks and swans good *
Lions and tigers fair 340*
Leaves good 360*
Soilders fair 24p*
Big Animals poor 370*

Condition: = poor, fair, good, v good, excellent, mint
Ex lib = Ex libary
Sh = Shiny Cover*
DJ = Dust jacket
W&H = Wills and Hepworth (Pre 71)
Tally No. = This is the 3 digit number that may appears and represents an approximate date of issue i.e. 120 = Early 60's 300 = Early 70's
Original price where there is no tally original price is stated, e.g. 12.5p = 1970, 1.50 = 1990's
first ed. = First Edition

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Well Loved tales (original version) The gingerbread boy good 30p Magic Porridge Pot fair 40p Musicians of Bremen fair/good 24p Wolf and 7 kidspoor/fair ex lib30p Well Loved tales (up-dated version) Princess and Pea fair 60p Snow Queen good late sh. Tinder Box good 85p sh Brave Little Tailorfair/good85p sh. Pinnochio fair 75p sh Golden Goose good